Fair Fashion Outfit No.7  # ,

Vintage shopping is a great way to experience clothes. I believe you get a deeper connection to the pieces as to them you buy in a regular shop or online. Maybe because it more like a treasure hunt and you need to be more carefully and pay more attention. My trip to brussels led me to a small thrift shop and I browsed through to stuff and found this lovely vintage blouse.

I love shoes  # ,

I´m a girl and I love shoes. Nothing unusual here I would say. It is not easy for me to say no to a new pair of shoes. And now I´m standing in front of a problem. Maybe you know my plan is to minimize my wardrobe and pursue a mindful shopping behavior.

Travel: 25 Hours Hotel Berlin   # ,

Ok sure there are tons of hotels in Berlin, for every taste and budget. But there are only few really good hotel, not just with nice furniture and good service but with personality. One of them is definitely the 25 Hours Hotel at the Bikinihaus. Right in the middle of the so called City West.

Beautyportrait: Sante  # ,

Als klar war, dass ich mich auf natürliche Kosmetik konzentrieren möchte und vorrangig solche Produkte kaufen will, fing ich an mich nach geeigneten Marken umzusehen. Ziemlich schnell bin ich da bei Sante gelandet. Diese Marke möchte ich euch heute näher vorstellen.
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