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Ok sure there are tons of hotels in Berlin, for every taste and budget. But there are only few really good hotel, not just with nice furniture and good service but with personality. One of them is definitely the 25 Hours Hotel at the Bikinihaus. Right in the middle of the so called City West.

What is so different and special about the hotel?

I will start with the room. The Urban Jungle M we stayed in had a view right above the Berlin Zoo. We couldn´t see any animals but still it was a nice change. Never the less we had our own monkey in the room. :) Big highlight was for sure the hammock right in front of the window. Just cool to chill and wait until the travel mate is ready to go.
The bathroom was basically a part of the room. Which is fine especially when it is getting ready time, you just can spend time chatting and laughing because both parties are still in the same room. What I liked was the fact that we had big bottles from "Stop the Water while using me" for shower gel, shampoo, hand soap and bodylotion instead of these small bottles which lead to so much trash.
There is a docking station for your phone to enjoy your own music the whole time. Cool feature as well are the Bags for rent, for example by FREITAG. You can just use them for shopping or take your stuff to the gym across the street.

Let´s talk breakfast. First of all I love breakfast nothing better than a breakfast that lasts a few hours and that was definitely the case. We ate at the Neni restaurant with a beautiful view of the City West. The room was full of light, just perfect to wake up. Coffee by Nespresso was also helpful. :)
The buffet had several kinds of bread, sweets, cereals, fruits, vegetables, cheese, humus, meat, juice. The food was fresh and really tasty. And the service was really nice and made you feel welcome. We really enjoyed our selfs the whole time.

The hotel offers a bike and car rentals which we not used but I like the idea. There is also a sauna which we also did not. But we spend some time in the communal area and I have to say it is stylish and makes you wanna stay. Coffee and snacks can you get at the woodfire bakery and you have also the opportunity to shop just around the front desk area. And of course there is the Monkey Bar the coolest hotel bar for drinks at night.

The 25 Hours Hotel is for sure no low budget hotel but is definitely worth every single cent. 
Check it out. 

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  1. Ohhhhhh wie schön :)
    Und das tolle Frühstück sieht klasse aus! Jetzt hab ich Hunger!

    Liebst, Sarah von Belle Mélange

  2. Toller Bericht meine Liebe. Ich war selbst schon zu Gast in diesem Hotel und habe den Aufenthalt mehr als genossen.

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermaedchen Fashion Blog

  3. Das ist aber ein schönes Hotel, auf das Frühstück hätte ich jetzt auch Lust :D

    Liebe Grüße
    Jimena von


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